Undesert Decision Support System (DSS)

The Undesert Decision Support system is a dissemination platform for the Undesert project, and has been designed to be a tool for everyone working with land management in the Sudanian and Sahelian zones of West Africa. The Undesert Decision Support System has been created to provide decision makers with a lot of information created during the Undesert project, information that is important for taking scientifically founded decisions on land management and restoration of degraded areas. The system does not take decisions for the user, but provides information that is important for decision making.
The Undesert Decision Support System includes the modules “Information on vegetation”, “Degradation”, “Restoration”, “Use value of plants”, “Climate change”, “Plant growth model”, “Carbon sequestration”, and “Land use”.
The Undesert Decision Support System can be downloaded for free upon request to Jorgen Axelsen, Aarhus University, Denmark.

Runing the installation program and the Decision support system requires Java Runtime.

Contact developer to access the free installation program.



works to create an improved understanding of the effects of desertification and degradation processes in West Africa and to develop and implement best practices, such as carbon forestry, in close collaboration between scientists and local communities.

Financed by EU-FP7.