Aboubacar Ichaou




Aboubacar Ichaou

Institut National de Recherche Agronomique du Niger (INRAN)

Ministère de l'Agriculture


Dr Ichaou Aboubacar. Forest engineer. He has considerable experience in the management ofnatural forests in arid and semi-arid areas in western Africa and in tree restoration projects. He participated to the execution of different research projects to fight desertification in collaboration with the Ministery of Environment of Niger and the Research Institute (IRD) and the Observatory of the Sahel and Sahara (OSS). He is involved in the execution of projects to develop natural resources in CILSS (Comite Inter etats de lutte contre la secheresse au Sahel).


works to create an improved understanding of the effects of desertification and degradation processes in West Africa and to develop and implement best practices, such as carbon forestry, in close collaboration between scientists and local communities.

Financed by EU-FP7.